Applications Built with Craftsmanship Inside and Out.

Designing for users

All of our Applications are carefully crafted to solve unique business needs – always with users in mind. The UI/UX design is intuitive, elegant, and easy to use. We have mobile apps as well as web-based applications, built responsively, affording support across any number of platforms and devices.

User-centered design approach.

Device-independent, responsive web and mobile applications.

Enterprise-level business applications.
Reverbant Application suite

The Reverbant Application suite currently consists of two mobile and web-based applications. The Reverbant team keeps a close watch on the marketplace and what new challenges and opportunities exist, and we always have new applications in development.

Reverbant FarmIT

Reverbant FarmIT is an iOS mobile app that provides farmers, ranchers, as well as 4-H and FAA members with a digital solution for livestock husbandry management. With FarmIT, users no longer need to purchase expensive EID readers and RFID ear tags. Everything can be managed through a user’s smartphone or tablet using much cheaper barcode- or quick response (QR)-enabled ear tags.

Users can track individual animals by scanning one- and two-dimensional barcodes or quick response (QR) codes on livestock ear tags using the built-in cameras on their Apple iPhones. They can then view and edit each record using their smartphone or tablet.

Reverbant e-verify

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